Saturday, May 15, 2004


The Redline

I was in the Harvard Square T Station this afternoon on my way to the Aquarium when I caught sight of this gorgeous woman ahead of me. She was in a pretty blue sun dress that clung to her perfectly hourglass figure. Her dyed blonde hair had nary a strand out of place, and with two-inch heals, she smoothly sauntered through the station, her hips swaying gracefully back and forth.

As I walked behind her, I noted how the men on the platform turned to watch her as she came down the redline stairs, and suddenly, I felt horribly frumpy in my stained aquarium shorts and bleach-spotted aquarium shirt. My hair was a mess--I couldn’t even get it into a decent ponytail anymore, and my feet felt gauche in their ugly old sneakers. I thought to myself, why in the world did I have to be born with such a boyish body? Why couldn’t I have been blessed with that grace, with hips that moved like that, and the money to buy that dress?

At that moment, the woman wobbled on her $200 heals and fell right on her ass. It felt good.

you dont know me but i was looking for a friend on here with the same name. and i found you. and i read your blog about your name and i saw something about north dakota. that is where i am from. where were you at if you dont mind me asking. well just curious.
nick hoffman
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