Saturday, May 15, 2004


The Redline

I was in the Harvard Square T Station this afternoon on my way to the Aquarium when I caught sight of this gorgeous woman ahead of me. She was in a pretty blue sun dress that clung to her perfectly hourglass figure. Her dyed blonde hair had nary a strand out of place, and with two-inch heals, she smoothly sauntered through the station, her hips swaying gracefully back and forth.

As I walked behind her, I noted how the men on the platform turned to watch her as she came down the redline stairs, and suddenly, I felt horribly frumpy in my stained aquarium shorts and bleach-spotted aquarium shirt. My hair was a mess--I couldn’t even get it into a decent ponytail anymore, and my feet felt gauche in their ugly old sneakers. I thought to myself, why in the world did I have to be born with such a boyish body? Why couldn’t I have been blessed with that grace, with hips that moved like that, and the money to buy that dress?

At that moment, the woman wobbled on her $200 heals and fell right on her ass. It felt good.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Ashley Johnson

I hate my name. It's the same as that girl from Growing Pains and What Women Want. What if someone wants to google me? All they'll find is a bunch of pre-teen websites. So much for getting in contact with any long lost friends from my North Dakota or military brat days.



To get an idea of my writing, since I don't have time to post anything now, you should go to Counterpoint, the MIT/Wellesley Journal of Campus Life. I've been writing for them for the past four years. I'll work on posting my newest article. It's not in the archives yet, and probably won't be until Brian finishes his thesis.


A Modest Entrance

So, it is finals time, and rather than writing the two papers due in less than a week or studying for a final, I have decided to procrastinate and start a blog. Yay for me.

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